GE WB06X10288 Microwave Grease Filter Replacement For Many General Electric and Hotpoint Microwaves


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The GE WB06X10288 works with the following GE microwave or oven models: CVM2072SM1SS, JVM1840, JVM1841, JVM1842, JVM1850, JVM1860BD001, RCA JVM1850bd, JVM1851BD001, JVM1851BD002, JVM1851CD001, JVM1851CD002, JVM1851CF001, JVM1851WD001, JVM1851WD002, JVM1851WF001 JVM1860WF02 JVM1860BD002 JVM1860BF001 JVM1860CD001 JVM1860CD002 JVM1860CF001 JVM1860SD001 JVM1860SD002 JVM1860SF001 JVM1860WD001 JVM1860WD002 JVM1860WF001 JVM1861BD001, JVM1861BD002, JVM1861BF001, JVM1861CD001, JVM1861CD002, JVM1861CF001, JVM1861SD001, JVM1861SD002, JVM1861SF001, JVM1861WD001, JVM1861WD002, JVM1861WF001 JVM1870CF05, JVM1870WF03, JVM1870BF, JVM1870CF06, JVM1870WF04, JVM1870BF001, JVM1870SF, JVM1870WF05, JVM1870BF02, JVM1870SF001, JVM1870WF06, JVM1870BF03, JVM1870SF02, JVM1870BF04, JVM1870SF03, JVM1870BF05, JVM1870SF04, JVM1870CF, JVM1870SK, JVM1870CF001, JVM1870SK01, JVM1870CF02, JVM1870WF, JVM1870CF03, JVM1870WF001, JVM1870CF04, JVM1870WF02, JVM2050BH JVM1871SH, JVM1871SH001, JVM1871SH02, JVM1871SH03, JVM1871SH04, JVM1871SK, JVM1871SK01, JVM1871SK03 JVM2050BH001, JVM2050BH01, JVM2050BH02, JVM2050BH03, JVM2050CH, JVM2050CH001, JVM2050CH01, JVM2050CH02, JVM2050CH03, JVM2050SJ, JVM2050SJ01, JVM2050SJ02, JVM2050SJ03, JVM2050SJ04, JVM2050WH, JVM2050WH01, JVM2050WH02, JVM2050WH001, JVM2050WH03 JVM2070CH01, JVM2070CH02, JVM2070SH, JVM2070SH001, JVM2070SH02, JVM2070SK, JVM2070SK01, JVM2070WH, JVM2070BH001, JVM2070WH001, JVM2070BH002, JVM2070WH01, JVM2070CH, JVM2070WH02, JVM2070CH001, PVM2070SM1SS JVM3660BF001, JVM3660CD001, JVM3660CF001, JVM3660SD001, JVM3660WD001, JVM3660WF001, JVM3660SF001, JVM3660BD001 JVM3670BF05, JVM3670BF06, JVM3670CF, JVM3670CF001, JVM3670CF02, JVM3670CF03, JVM3670CF04, JVM3670BF, JVM3670CF05, JVM3670BF001, JVM3670CF06, JVM3670BF02, JVM3670SF, JVM3670BF03, JVM3670SF001, JVM3670SF02, JVM3670BF04, JVM3670SF03, JVM3670SK02, JVM3670WF02, JVM3670WF05, JVM3670SF04, JVM3670WF, JVM3670WF03, JVM3670WF06, JVM3670SK, JVM3670WF001, JVM3670WF04, JVM3670SK01


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